All Loadbooks USA, Inc. manuals are printed on heavyweight paper and
spiral bound so they will lay flat on any surface.

Our manuals list many useful loads using different powders and jacketed
bullets as well as some lead bullets.

With Loadbooks, you can get the caliber you want without flipping 
through an extensive 200 page book looking for your particular caliber.

Our manuals are easy to understand and the information we offer is
well organized which will save you lots of time.

The information is updated to keep up with the changing product lines 
from the world's largest bullet and powder manufacturers.

If you order Loadbooks USA manuals online, you will not have to
hassle with those two week catalog orders.  In most cases, we will
ship your manuals the day we get your order.

Our manuals have been featured in Combat Handgunner Magazine. 

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